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The Tampa Bay Ferries Alliance is the catalyst for positive change that supports our region by reducing roadway congestion and offering our many neighborhoods and communities with a new way to travel, explore, and commute across Tampa Bay. Dealing with the growing challenges of today and instead seeing them as opportunities to create positive, innovative community action requires problem-solvers offering diverse perspectives and skills. The Alliance is taking on these challenges to get the job done and deliver permanent ferry service that shows neighboring cities and states how our region can lead the way in solving fundamental issues. Our non-profit organization is focused on embracing communication, support, and progress to bring people-focused solutions.

Tampa Bay remains one of the few regions in the United States located on a major body of water without a ferry system. But just because we lack one now, doesn’t mean Tampa Bay cannot or should not embrace our historic waterways to deliver ferry service – especially at a time when motor vehicle traffic and travel times soar as the region continues to grow in population and interest.


Permanent, regional ferry service in Tampa Bay is almost a decade in the making, but until now, our region has yet to make it a reality. Enough talk. Time is ticking away as the entire area continues to experience tremendous growth and development, and Tampa Bay cannot wait any longer to deliver reliable, cost-efficient, and sustainable community resources that we know will deliver results.


By working together, the Tampa Bay Ferries Alliance, the Regional supporters, and Government Leaders can bring this mission into existence. We cannot afford to wait.

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